There is no trained. Past tense implies you have reached your highest potential. Exercise, workout, stay fit – these phrases lack intensity and motivation. There is only train. When you train, you are the best part of the movie. You are Rocky climbing the mountain in Russia or Daniel learning to paint the fence.

Offering the following specialized services...

  • Individual training
  • Semi private
  • Small group
  • Large group/team conditioning
  • Full Service Athletic Training
  • Kinesis Taping
  • Graston Myofascial release techniques
  • Trigger point and manual therapy treatment

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  • Our whole family goes to Chris. There's always one reason or another, with all the sports we do, and Chris always gives us the advice and exercises we need - plus the most intense training. He's also just a great guy so it make the sessions fun.

    Caroline Murray

  • I love Chris! He is the most knowledgeable person I know and I recommend him to all of my friends. No one has ever left disappointed. He is truly the best at what he does. Highly recommend him!

    Amrisha Kaur Suri

what are you waiting for?